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Connect the dots of digital marketing to make your brand stand out.


A customer driven approach

As a former digital marketing professional I am genuinely a believer in insights-driven Marketing that includes social and technological trends. A marketing strategy or brand decision can only be effective if insights about customer needs, preferences and behaviours relative to your service or product have informed it.

From strategy to solution

Connecting the dots means you should go on a journey with your objectives in mind. Wether you look to rebrand, position a new product or develop a marketing strategy, there are individual options to enter or expand your footprint in your chosen market.

Make it simple and adorable

From brand idea to message design to digital artwork, think through what should be in your communication framework that helps you win new customers in your target market. Your customers get it, if you keep it simple. Your marketing toolbox has to be bespoke and made in a way to get the best in & out of your brand. Over the last two years, I have helped exciting businesses to go online with a bespoke website design and social media consulting. See my design toolbox and recent customer projects.

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