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Andrea Leupold

"Straight roads do not make skillful drivers." 


I love this quote from Paolo Coelho and consider it as my life-long guide through life.

My professional roots are in consumer tourism and business travel solutions with digital and traditional marketing leadership and over 15 years of experience in creating brand and product marketing strategies across EMEA. Moving from the client to the supplier side in 2014, I founded my first business, a marketing consulting to help small and medium businesses in different industries develop a measurable, consistent marketing strategy to launch, grow or expand their brand, products and services online. 

Now, I always had a great passion for foreign languages and education, which also opened the next door for me. Experienced in multi-lingual training and communication design and as the mother of a bilingual child, I revised my service portfolio to focus on what I do best. With a higher education in German, English and Spanish and work experience as a qualified teacher (QTS and PGCE), I currently offer private tutoring and teaching services in Deutsch (A1-C2), English/EAL (A1-B1/2) and Español (A1-A2). My bespoke language services include phonics, grammar and comprehension training, tailored speaking practice to enhance fluency in individual fields of study and needs-based writing support for beginners to advanced learners.

Studying abroad, working with global teams during my corporate career, supporting young people as a volunteer Scouts leader, supporting children with speech and language difficulties as a SEND teaching assistant prior to my teaching qualification and teaching German at selective secondary Grammar schools have given me a well-rounded experience of interacting with learners from diverse cultures and age groups and also shaped my highly adaptive tutoring style

Andrea Leupold, founder dots + letters marketing consulting
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