❝ The limits of my language

are the limits of my world. ❞ 

Ludwig Wittgenstein





Learning a new language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about them. 

I provide learner-centric tutoring for German language learners from Beginner to Advanced levels. Together we will discover the fun in language learning and ensure you reach your personal goals. My tutoring approach includes:

  • Identify together with each student their individual language learning goals to define realistic, but challenging objectives.

  • Provide planning tools and learning methods that aid the personal style of learning using efficient and fun German language learning materials.

  • Align learning programs with adult learner's needs and topics relevant to children's primary or secondary school curriculum.

I have been teaching bilingual and non-native children living in Greater London at DSSG - the German Saturday School Greenwich - for the past few years across beginner and advanced learner levels. For children in secondary schools with German GCSE and A-Level aspirations, the lesson concept also aims at offering an additional opportunity for revision, practice and conversation across the main topics of the German curriculum.

You or your company require language capabilities to expand into new markets and promote products and services abroad. Use the capacity of an experienced language professional and choose from the following translation and localisation services:

  • Translation and analysis of market and competitor research from German and English speaking markets,

  • Translation and localisation of print and web content, editorial, educational and product information in German and English, 

  • Assistance with German CV and formal letter design,

  • App & Game testing in German, English and Spanish.